Edwige-Feuillère Theatre, Vesoul


With the appointment of Charlotte Nessi as the director of the Edwige-Feuillère Theatre in Vesoul in 2009, the desire to create a dynamic around the voices of children and stage space was realised and prioritised.

This 700-seat performance hall hosts the Month of Children’s Voices/Stage Space each year. In November 2012, the theatre was awarded the Scène Conventionnée – Children’s Voices/Stage Space label, thus finding itself at the forefront of a unique project in France.

With an important stage space and an infrastructure to accommodate the choirs, the Edwige-Feuillère Theatre focuses on children's voices and their development by showcasing them at the regional and national levels and by promoting their integration in the local community.

Various actions and events around children's voices were set up in close collaboration with American choir director Scott Alan Prouty and Ensemble Justiniana. Singing-Dance-Theatre workshops are offered to children and youth who benefit from an arts education during the school year, the culmination of which is to participate in a production of the company as part of the Month of Children’s Voices/Stage Space.

The growing number of participants in the various workshops and the influx of the public evidence the interest in these events.

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