Piccoli Cantori di Torino


The Piccoli Cantori in Turin is a non-profit association made up of the parents of the members of two choirs: a children's choir and a youth choir. The association also runs a music school with more than 300 students. The choirs were founded 44 years ago and are among the best known and most qualified in Italy. Piccoli Cantori gathers a hundred children and youth around its artistic director, Carlo Pavese.

Carlo Pavese, the artistic director of the Piccoli Cantori since 2005, is also a composer for children's voices. The choirs combine singing and stage movement with improvisation and spatialisation in musical theatre productions.

In 2006, the children’s choir sang at the Olympic Winter Games. In 2007, it participated in the International Voice in Motion Choir Festival to study new practices in choral singing; movement is not only about choreography but also about expressing ideas and creativity.

The choristers have already created a musical opera, Operazione Favola, and participate in other original operas such as La Gabbianella e il Gatto or Il Pifferaio Magico. The choirs have been invited to several national and international musical events, on television and they also give public concerts throughout the year. In collaboration with soprano singer Marcella Polidori and pianist Gianfranco Montalto, the choirs have performed in Spain, Germany, Belgium, Poland and France.

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