Coro Infantil da Universidade de Lisboa


The Children's Choir of the University of Lisbon was established in 2005 within the Foundation of the University of Lisbon. In residence at the University of Lisbon since its creation, the CIUL welcomes approximately 170 children, ranging from 6 to 18 years of age.

Founded under the direction of Erica Mandillo, this choir is a national reference in the field of artistic work with children and youth. It has an eclectic repertoire that serves as a basis for individual development, using music as the main tool.

The Choir of the University of Lisbon is recognised for its work on staging and its integration of stage movement from the singing phase, through a respectful approach to the individuality and personality of children.

This very particular form of public performance is based on working principles that impose a great demand on all levels of expression: vocal, musical, physical and theatrical, in a playful atmosphere that integrates the creativity of each child.

The choir regularly performs concerts in major events and organises tours in Portugal and abroad, in such places as Basel, Strasbourg, Barcelona, Zürich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Liège and Neerpelt. In addition to the solo concerts, the CIUL has participated in symphonic choral works such as the St Matthew Passion, by J.S. Bach, Joan of Arc at the Stake, by A. Honegger, the Mass of the Children, by J. Rutter, and audio-visual experiences of Portuguese directors.

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